Desolation and Hope

It’s already Friday afternoon, day six, the wind is picking up as Beryl winds up. Some places around the island are still in very rough shape. As I sit on the beach that’s shared by Flamingo and Pelican, I remember. (It will always be the names of these two resorts for me. Pelican is now called Simpson Bay Resort.) Here our children played and splashed. We met other families with kids and we all laughed together. Those sounds are missing. It is peaceful listening to the waves roll in. The blackbirds caw and the lites in the tops of the palms.

The Flamingo is fenced off as demolition and construction takes place. The once ever-growing Palapa Beach Bar has been completely removed, restoring the bay views to the units it blocked. The palms we watched from the time the were planted and grow over the last almost twenty years — are gone. All the palapas are also gone. Algae overgrowth washes up onto the shore. Walking around to the pool side a gardener maintains the courtyard and pool areas as if the resort were fully operational. The fence surrounds the entire perimeter. Although peaceful, I see and hear the ghosts of happy memories that were filled with music, laughter, children, and splashing. They are gone but not forgotten. From September to July since Irma, I can’t imagine they’ll be open for the upcoming season. It is slow going but progress continues. Island time has taken on a whole new meaning since the hurricane. We look forward to laughter and the sound of children playing once more.


One comment

  1. Ann Kemp · July 8

    Beautiful sentiments!


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