Life goes on despite the countdown. Picked up groceries that should last us for the week. Our newest eating trend has added a twist. We are part-time vegans. Before you lose it, it’s not all tofu! It is tricky trying to avoid the big three allergens: eggs, milk, and gluten — even vegans eat bread and pasta. I just finished baking the best peanut butter chocolate chip cookies without eggs or flour. Bill loves them. We are just finishing up our morning smoothies too…..peaches, blueberries, cilantro, lemon juice, and super green powders. Each baby step brings us closer to independence from meat. Don’t worry, SXM will spoil us with the best duck, lamb, and fish ever. We’ve both noticed that by eating more raw fruits and greens our energy levels have increased. This is good timing for the upcoming super busy trip!

It was on SXM where we attended a fundraising dinner that was completely vegan. The tastes and textures surprised and delighted us. I’ve since purchased a few good cookbooks and added the special products, over time, to the pantry. Once something becomes accessible, other aspects fall into place and changes are slowly but easily made. For lunch I’m making a peach salad and cold spinach soup, yum!

Peach Salad

Salad greens

Sliced peaches, radish, & carrot

Fine diced red onion (from 1-2slices)

Chopped cilantro

Dress with a balsamic vinaigrette

Spinach Soup

Blend together:

A couple of hand fulls of Baby spinach, cilantro (arugula for more peppery taste)

2 garlic cloves

2 rough cut tomatoes

1/2-C orange juice

Drink as a smoothie or spoon from a bowl




Monday, it’s time to make lists, clean house, and wind down or up for the trip. What clothes will be going along this time round? The laundry needs doing. We need to take stock of the fridge and meal plan so nothing spoils. All the while my day dreams slip off to landing and seeing the mountains in the distance. Walking shoes that will take me to breakfast and dinner alike. The warm balmy breeze welcoming me back once again. This will be my first Fourth of July on the island. I’m not sure what to expect. Deep down I’m hoping that the Flamboyant trees will be blooming. I need to reel in my thoughts and focus on the tasks at hand knowing it brings me one step, one day closer to returning to the island I love so much. Happy Monday!

7 until 10

A week from today we are privileged to have another ten days on our favorite island. Arrangements have been made, friends contacted, and now we must figure out how to fit in everything we’d like to do. It will be a whirlwind tour. Even as I write this my minds eye sees you the reader come up with the perfect itinerary for your own adventure on SXM. In between trips to the island we peruse social media groups for photos and progress since our last visit. Add the new places that have popped up into the mix and the ten day gift also presents a challenge. We are already joking that we’ll need a vacation from this visit!