Reading the Signs

Who wants to pay attention on vacation? This tourist season comes with many signs…hand written or spray painted. “Welcome”, “we’re open”, “warning”, are announced to passers by.

Signs, another casualty of Irma’s winds.

They are important for helping us know where we are and if it’s safe to proceed. In the past we would chuckle at the ones with misspellings or a funny word order that could be taken another way. At night lighting is sparse, they have to order the bulbs for the working street lamps. During the day visibility is much better, as long as they are heeded. One day while in Le Sucriere enjoying coffee and croissants with friends. There’s still outdoor seating with a view of the lagoon. Ghostly gray wrecks floating or partially submerged, covered with silt, while the Rhino Tour weaves in between on their way to Marigot. The bakery has groomed the plants and remaining trees on the edge of the deck and clearly roped off the section damaged by the storm. Iguanas were enjoying the privacy of the unsafe deck. A group of tourists noticed them and had to take their picture. They crossed the barrier and stood surrounding the reptiles snapping their camera phones. Lucky for them the owner was nearby and immediately addressed the group. Hadn’t they seen the sign warning them not to go onto that section? He urged them back toward safety, and they sheepishly complied, quickly leaving altogether. The iguanas, unphased, went their separate ways to enjoy the beautiful day.


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