All Washed Up


Each day we have the privilege to listen to the waves crashing to shore. We’ve gotten good at predicting how rough it is by sound alone. The weather feels warmer than this time last year. The winds on any given beach are as strong as they are on Orient Beach. The beach bars would all have some kind of tarp to shield patrons from the wind and rain. I think it is windier overall with gusts pelting sand from head to toe. Hair ties are a must to prevent tangles.

We were worried about the condition of the beaches as we prepared for this visit. We purchased water shoes that Bill does not like to wear. I’m selective and use them more on Orient beach than on Simpson Bay.

Since our arrival the waters have continued to shape the beaches – removing more sand, exposing rocks and boulders. This is our first time staying on this part of Simpson Bay. The sand is a treasure trove for different colored sea glass and a variety of sea shells. A rip current delivered a huge amount of conch shells onto a small section of the shore.

It is important to watch where you are going. Expect that one rogue wave or something new sticking up from the sand.

We’ve talked to friends who live in Orient and they are very cautious about swimming. One we spoke to snorkels regularly in order to clear objects from the ocean floor. The storm washed away entire contents of homes in many cases. So far we haven’t had any issues.

We enjoy walking down to Karakter for lunch and a drink. It is for Simpson Bay what Pedro’s on Orient Beach was. How lovely it is to be able to enjoy shelter with such awesome views. On one of our recent strolls we watched as an armchair made landfall. The next day someone had it set up next to the sea wall and was using it to hold fishing gear. You just never know what may wash up next.