Walking the Dog

Pet owners on the island are just as diverse as the many nations they represent. Small dogs get to come along on outings and restaurants. Large dogs ward away burglars. Many dogs on the island are allowed to roam freely. The problem with this is they risk being killed and all to often on purpose.

Ursula has made an effort to teach islanders basic care. Too many of them treat dogs like goats. They believe the dog can forage for food and water. Dogs need love and attention to be good pets and protectors. Being mean does not make a better guard dog, it only confuses him.

Since arriving on SXM, we’ve met a seafaring dog named Ginger. She knows how to balance herself on a dinghy and loves to swim to shore and roam around on Tintamarre.

One afternoon on Simpson Bay beach, I noticed a black lab racing past at top speed. I wondered where the owner was. Then he came back the other way again at top speed. It was then saw a dinghy cruising along the shoreline. The dog was chasing him. As soon as the dinghy stopped, the dog headed into the surf and then swam out to his owner. He climbed on board and the two sailed off into the sunset. What a way to walk a dog. You could feel how he loved every minute of it.


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