Sometimes I get stuck. I’m tangled in my own thoughts. They gnaw away at me with their conflicting messages. One side is complacent and fearful. The other is a coach urging me to make good choices. The battle rages each day with me in the middle and by afternoon, I’m tired. Each day brings another opportunity of possibilities to become a better version of myself; to take care of my body and health and to be around othesr on this crazy journey called life. Every journey has an end though. It’s like a beat the clock kind of game and eventually the opportunities and possibilities run out.

So how will I choose to live today? Will I invest in myself or allow the time to pass me by? Will I eat things that will give me health and energy or will I indulge in items that thwart my goals? Will I carve out time to be creative and become excellent at it? Will I do the exercises and stay strong or get stronger still? Will I show love and empathy to those around me or will I coast along without attachments? What kind of a life can I or will I design for myself?

Each of us have our own set of choices to make every day we wake up. What will we choose today? It is a battle for me as I endeavor to choose wisely. I’m happiest with myself when I make the right choice.