Me, Only Better

It has never been hard to fit in with people on St. Martin. Sometimes I think it’s the people on the island. Other times I think it’s the island’s influence on me. Maybe we are all different when we are there. We’ve been disarmed by all the beauty and seduced with the expectation of it being “the friendly island”. Then there’s all the alcohol and party atmosphere. There’s no need to prove our worth with so little clothing on. Vacation puts everyone in a good mood. People are open to making connections and friendships. It is so much fun.
Have I described you? Maybe I’ve described me. To live with an open and welcoming heart is so light and free. We are only looking for the best in each other. There’s no competition. The only problem I now have is being able to remember everyone’s name! What I have also learned is that I like who I am while on the island. I feel free to be me.


One comment

  1. Paul Rockwell · February 16, 2017

    Yes, yes yes. This describes the feeling perfectly! I am a totally different person here, and I like this guy better than who I am at home.

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