My Heart is on the Island

One week ago, we spent the morning packing and cleaning up in preparation for an afternoon flight. How fitting that today is Valentine’s Day. As we hold each other close, sharing our love, we remember being together on St. Martin. We walked down the beach with the wind caressing our bodies and tangling our hair. After swimming in the ocean our skin was sticky with salt. There was sand everywhere. The humidity kept our brown skin plump with moisture. We giggled, cried, conversed, and bantered. It was more fun doing all of it there in the warm sunshine and clear moonlight. 
One week later, in the afterglow, the brown skin fades along with the warmth. Our happy memories fill us with anticipation as we look forward to another sensual experience. It is all foreplay, heightening the pleasure of our next encounter.
Maybe you feel the same way. Happy Valentine’s Day!



  1. Debbie · February 14, 2017

    Do you ever think that you move there permanently. It must be so hard to come back.

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