I’m Leaving

I’m on the plane listening to elevator music of contemporary pop hits. As I look out the window, my thoughts start to wander. Clouds are casting shadows on the mountain range. Blue grays, dark greens, and olives appear as they pass above. Soon I will also be passing over them as we depart our beloved island. Couldn’t behave in the airport as though I was on island time anymore. Part of me is already making the necessary arrangements for the week to come. That’s what we do. We need to do it — plan and make arrangements.

As I packed our dirty clothes this morning, I could already see the mess on the laundry room floor back in the US. I will be washing away dust and sand from St. Martin. The memories will always remain. Somehow, though, I never quite remember just how saturated the blues and greens are — not even in pictures. No, I need to be along side these colors, for they bring me joy and life. What will I miss the most? Yes, the colors, for they are part of the islands essence. It is beautiful. However the special people who live here create an interplay that is unmistakeable and unique. They make leaving so much more difficult.

Till we meet again….Bon voyage! (Through my tears)


One comment

  1. clemson grr · February 8, 2017

    Ah. Soooo sorry. Know how you feel. Have really enjoyed the blog and hope to see you soon in north myrtle or mooresville. Be safe. Gregg

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