June twelfth is a happy day for Bill and I. It is our wedding anniversary. We were married on my parents twenty fifth wedding anniversary. This year we were so excited for our son and his fiancé to celebrate their engagement among family and friends on the same day. We enjoyed meeting her family and getting ours all under the same roof. What a special day for our family.

(These are just some musings. I realize many may feel very differently on these subjects. Ultimately, don’t we all want world peace? 🙂 Thanks for listening.)

There has been sad news around this date through the years as well. OJ Simpson killed Nicole Brown and her boy friend and Princess Diana and her boy friend died in the Paris tunnel crash. The first news of the day this year was the mass shooting in The Pulse Club in Orlando. We caught some of the first reports of the massacre and by evening Facebook was wall to wall emerging stories of sadness and anger. On our special day celebrating love was contrasted by such venomous hatred that spurred the shooter on.

I began sharing every story that came up on my timeline. Religious and spiritual people in solidarity for the victims and their families. There were too, the nasty stories including religious communities commending the shooter and encouraging more violence toward the gay community. The text message to mom. The fear and sorrow on both sides of the phone was palpable. No mom wants to lose her child, let alone being in the middle of texting them when it happened. The gun control stories dominated the feed with calls for background checks and wait times. One meme compared what women have to go through to get an abortion with what men should have to go through to get a gun…..compelling actually. Many called once again for an all out ban on automatic assault rifles. There was anger toward the NRA for strong-holding the government with their lobbyists and how the GOP nixed a bill that would have done just that. Gun supporters defending their second amendment right to bear arms showed up in force whenever there was a picture of a gun. There was the story implicating the FBI in criminal activity. They know of threats and have these people on their watch lists. The article claimed that they pick and choose which threats to thwart and in some cases aid the perpetrator with weapons. I hope this isn’t true!

I’ve posted and watched the reactions and comments. It was amazing to me that every post about gun control received so much attention! People I don’t even know felt it their duty to comment. Pro gun people, mainly men, were some of the most aggressive responses I’ve ever seen! It seemed a bit insensitive to me. All the other posts surrounding the incident received little or no comment and certainly not from anyone who so zealously defended gun ownership!

The week before Orlando we were introduced to Brock Turner, the rapist. Not a single man commented on any of my posts. Not a one! I was glad to see a comment or two supporting the victim and calling men to get a grip and control themselves. These were on other people’s posts and a couple actually apologized for other men! Elsewhere there were some disgusting comments placing all the responsibility on the woman!

What a world we live in.

Men will have to adjust to a different paradigm. Rape is not an option or right. Rape culture has to go! Women have asked nicely and are now demanding to be treated with dignity and not as objects!

Before all this, NC introduced the discriminatory bathroom bill. This despicable law has shone a spotlight on the antagonism that exists toward the LGBTQ community and has singlehandedly proven just how many nasty, bigoted people there really are. What is worse, is the fact that so many are in the religious sector attaching Gods name to support their position.

It seems that we have become ultra polarized when we sorely need a middle ground. Where is the basic respect of humanity? Stop listening to the media and get out and meet your neighbor. We need to look each other in the eye, talk and recover our humanness. Social media seems to foster anonymous attacks at faceless words. I suppose this is my offering.

What a graceless age we live in! We’ve come to accept terrorism, murder, rape and hatred as the norm. All of these acts and attitudes are dehumanizing. Don’t dare pick up a Bilble or other religious text to defend these behaviors!

We believe the problem(s) has/have been correctly identified as people groups!! (???)……
Blacks, gays, transgender, Islam, Muslims, Mexicans, the right, the left, fundamental extremists, women….

Somehow these categories make us think we have permission to demean anyone from another group.

We have not come very far from the Tribalism that birthed Colonialism and promoted privilege.

These systems only ever benefit very few. That small percentage wants us to fight among ourselves and miss identify the problem(s). The thing is, there are many more of us! We need to learn how to play nice and share our toys. Oh the things we could accomplish if we would see one another as friend instead of enemy!

Each event marches closer and closer to home. Someone Will know a victim of a hate crime, a rape, a shooting or terror attack. In Orlando our dear friend from SXM has lost his brother!

Personhood, each of us are someone’s…….son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, wife, lover, friend…..

We are all somebody’s someone and we all want happy anniversaries!