Celebrating. A Path

IMG_7752This is on Susi’s easel today. Know where this is? It represents a lot in our lives as a couple, and to her individually. And … that this painting is a work in progress today….is totally fitting.

Today, I am ‘guest blogging” for Susi. (shhh. It’s her  birthday. haha)

Happy Birthday to my lovely, talented wife.

Celebrating your artistic talent, including a new one you discovered this winter….. writing.
Celebrating your outward beauty. Yes, we are growing older together. Your beauty shows through the years.
Celebrating your inward beauty. We have learned more about your sensitive spirit… That hurts easily, can be more easily offended, and also sees more, feels more, intuitive.  I am learning to trust it more and continue to help you nourish it.
Celebrating your fun, playful spirit. Love to laugh with you. And hold your drink when you dance. 🙂
Celebrating your vision. You see in “big picture.” It sometime looks like A.D.D….. 🙂 It is a gift.  Keep  pursuing your passions.
Continue on your road to mind and body health. I think you are on to something.
Continue to paint
Continue… past the discouragement from those who don’t share your passion
Continue… when you feel like no one is listening
Continue…. to unravel the onion
Continue… to dream.
Celebrating…. YOU. Today, Honey.